Request your property valuation

To begin the sale of your property, contact the team at Bourdeauxs to request a valuation. We will visit your home and assess the value based on comparisons with similar properties in the area, that have been recently sold or are currently being marketed.

Marketing your property
Once you have agreed the marketing price, and instructed us to go ahead, we will then begin the process of marketing your property. This will include us collating the full details of your property and taking high quality photographs to advertise your property for sale on range of popular house hunting websites, most importantly Rightmove.

Finding and instructing a solicitor
Whether you have a solicitor in mind, or you want us to recommend one for you, we will instruct your chosen solicitor to begin the necessary conveyancing paperwork as soon as possible, to save time further down the line. We know many people find the thought of dealing with solicitors daunting, which is why we promise to provide professional and straightforward support every step of the way.

Moving home
Whether you have a new property in mind or you haven’t started looking yet, the team at Bourdeauxs can provide a one-stop, comprehensive and independent service helping you to take a step up the property ladder. We have new properties to present on a regular basis and will help you find your perfect new home, whilst taking care of the marketing and sale of your old home!

Viewings at your property
Whether you want to supply us with a key to your property, so we can take care of viewings on your behalf, or you want to be present, we will make all the arrangements for you and at your convenience. Prospective buyers can easily lose interest if kept waiting, but our dedicated estate agents will ensure that they get to view your property promptly.

Receiving an offer
We’ll inform you immediately if any offers are made, and whether you choose to accept it or not, we will liaise with the potential buyer and negotiate the price on your behalf, until a satisfactory sale price can be agreed upon.

Accepting an offer
When an offer is made that you wish to accept, we will advise all the necessary parties on your behalf, including the solicitors. Your solicitor will then begin the conveyancing work to ensure that the transfer of ownership of the property is completed efficiently, and we’ll be available throughout the process to offer you any support you need.

Making an offer
Once you have accepted an offer on your property, you will probably be in a position to make an offer of your own, on your next property. We know that in many cases the chain of sale can be a huge cause for concern, but you can rely on the expert advice of our team to help make sure the entire selling and buying process runs as smoothly as possible.

Mortgage Advice
We can recommend an independent, mortgage consultant, who will be available to help you with arranging the sale of your property. If you’re selling a property, chances are you are in a ‘property chain’, so you’ll be waiting on your home to sell, so you can complete on the sale of a new property. If this is the case, you will want the assistance of a financial mortgage advisor to ensure that the chain doesn’t fall through at the last minute and you lose out.

Exchange and Completion
The team at Bourdeauxs and your mortgage advisor will work closely with you, your solicitor and the purchaser of your property to keep everybody informed every step of the way, until completion. This again is essential if you are in a ‘property chain’ as the slightest hold up could affect an entire chain of people, not to mention cause you undue stress!