Serviced Apartments

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Bourdeauxs offer a range of ONE and TWO bedroom SERVICED APARTMENTS in Central Milton Keynes which are great for corporates and holiday makers alike, not looking for the six month commitment a normal tenancy usually requires!

With no reference checks*, fees or deposit** it also makes this a speedy and cost effective solution to all!!

We offer fully furnished serviced apartments within Vizion and The Hub, Central Milton Keynes.
Close to the most popular bars, restaurants, shopping centre and train station!

Each apartment is fully inclusive of all Utility Bills, Broadband, Free Sat TV, Weekly Linen/Towel Change and Cleaner.

We can offer apartments from as little as three nights and prices adapt to the length of time required!
Please complete the “Booking Enquiry” form or call us on 01908 82 72 82 for a quotation today!

* ID is required in the form of a passport
** Credit Card details required in case of damage